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Passport and Visa Information


In order to leave the U.S., students must have a passport. Applying for and receiving a passport can take some time so it is important that students apply for a passport as soon as possible. Instructions on how to obtain a passport can be found on the Passport Website of the U.S. Department of State.

1. Get your passport photos taken.  You can come to the International House to have them taken for $7 (cash or check).  Please call 563-425-5831 or stop by Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00

2. Fill out the online application for a passport book and print it off: https://pptform.state.gov/FraudAbuseNotice.aspx

3. Go to a Passport Acceptance Facility.  The nearest one to Fayette, IA is in West Union.  For a list of other Passport acceptance facilities in Iowa and other states, please visit this website and select your state from the "Passport Offices" section on the right side of the page about halfway down: http://www.us-passport-service-guide.com/iowa-passport-acceptance-facility-list.html

Fayette County Auditors Office

114 North Vine Street

West Union, IA 52175

Monday-Friday 8:00-3:30

4.  Bring all of your required documents:

- Passport photos

- UIU Student ID and color photocopy

- Photo ID and color photocopy (like a Drivers License, previous US Passport, or a valid             photo ID

- Proof of US Citizenship (like a valid Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization or                     Citizenship,  or a previous US Passport)

- $110 in exact cash or personal check in black ink made out to "Department of State"

-$25 in exact cash or personal check in black ink made our to your passport acceptance   facility, like "Fayette County Auditors Office"


A visa is a document that allows a student to stay on a particular country for the duration of his/her studies. A visa usually comes in the form of a "sticker" placed on a student's passport.

Many countries require students to have a student visa prior to arriving. Because of this, it is important that students research the host country requirements and processes for applying for a student visa. Information about students visas can be found at the host country's Embassy or Consulate's webpage.

The Center for International Education will assist and guide students through the visa process as much as possible. However, it is the student's responsibility to apply for and obtain a visa.

Please note that UIU and the Center for International Education are not responsible for any visa complications, delays and/or rejections as student visas are issued at the sole discretion of the hos country.

Visa Services

The following companies may be able to assist you in applying for your visa:

Travisa: http://www.travisa.com 
Perry Visa: https://perryvisa.com/webPages/visa.php
Visa Central: http://visacentral.com/

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