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ACT (American College of Thessaloniki

Term To Study: Spring 2018
Application Deadline: Dec 18, 2017
Program Starts: Jan 05, 2018
Program Ends: May 01, 2018
Major 1: Science Biological
Subject 1:
Major 2: Communications
Subject 2:
Major 3: Economics
Subject 3:
Major 4: English Literature & Creative Writing
Subject 4:
Major 5: History
Subject 5:
Major 6: Political Science & Government
Subject 6:
Major 7: Psychology
Subject 7:
Major 8: Sociology
Subject 8:
Major 9: Business Administration
Subject 9:
Major 10: Computer & Information Technology
Subject 10:
Major 11: Science Chemistry
Subject 11:
Major 12: Mathematics & Statistics
Subject 12:
Major 13: Business Marketing
Subject 13:
Major 14: Business Management
Subject 14:
Major 15: Business Accounting
Subject 15:
Major 16: Business Studies - Finance
Subject 16:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Exchange
Link 1: ACT Study Abroad Brochure
Link 2: Field Trip Brochure
Link 3: Housing
Link 4: Information about Thessaloniki
Link 5: Spring 2018 Courses
Program Locations: Thessaloniki
Contact Phone: 563-425-5831
Contact Name: Tricia Lawrenz
Contact Email: educationabroad@uiu.edu
What is not Included: any additional living or program fees, visas, passport fees, traveling expenses, ect.
Estimated Costs: UIU Tuition + room and board fees of the institution you will be visiting
Program Description

ACT operates on a term schedule, similar to that of UIU. This will help the academic transition during your study abroad experience!

Experience Greek hospitality, heritage and culture during your time at ACT!

Choose from a variety of programs and courses that focus on your interests and help you reach your goals.
Gain hands-on experience through service learning, internships and practicums; explore ancient and modern Greece through organized trips, clubs and events; live the local customs and traditions throughout your time at ACT and build lasting relationships.

Quick Facts

Population: 10767827
Capital: Athens
Per-capita GDP: $ 26600
Size: 131957 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 02:00 hours) Kaliningrad

US State Department

Travel Warning: NO

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Country Specific Info.

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