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South Korea

Kookmin University

Term To Study: Spring 2018
Application Deadline: Dec 21, 2017
Program Starts: Jan 05, 2018
Program Ends: May 01, 2018
Major 1: Art Fine & Studio
Subject 1:
Major 2: Communications
Subject 2:
Major 3: Education
Subject 3:
Major 4: Economics
Subject 4:
Major 5: Engineering Electrical & Electronics
Subject 5:
Major 6: Political Science & Government
Subject 6:
Major 7: Sociology
Subject 7:
Major 8: Design
Subject 8:
Major 9: Law & Legal Studies
Subject 9:
Major 10: Business Accounting
Subject 10:
Major 11: Business Studies - Finance
Subject 11:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Exchange
Link 1: Kookmin University
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Link 3: Informational Book
Program Locations: Seoul
Contact Phone: 563-425-5831
Contact Name: Tricia Lawrenz
Contact Email: educationabroad@uiu.edu
What is Included: Airport pick up service is available at no extra cost to the students.
What is not Included: any additional living or program fees, visas, passport fees, traveling expenses, ect.
Estimated Costs: UIU Tuition + room and board fees of the institution you will be visiting

Students will be placed in a residence hall on campus.
Housing: USD$700 per semester

Food: USD$1665 per semester (rough estimate based on the on-campus cafeteria for all meals)
Program Description

Kookmin University is one of the leading private universities in Korea, with a total of 13 various colleges and 14 postgraduate schools. Our university’s educational goal is to foster leaders not only for our country but for the world. We do our best to provide students with a global perspective and with opportunities to experience the world academically, culturally, and professionally.

We have established official sisterhood relationships with 150 universities in 27 different countries: With each of these we exchange students and faculty members, hold academic symposiums, conduct joint research, and share information, and materials. We support our faculty members’ involvement in international academic activities, including research projects, presentations, attendance of symposiums and seminars, and the publishing of research papers in foreign journals.

For our students, we provide opportunities to visit foreign countries to study language and culture, participate in professional training programs and to compete in international competitions. In addition, every student is required to take an English course from native speaking lecturers in their freshman year. We have welcomed visiting professors and students from our sister universities in the fields of international studies, economics, Chinese language and literature, fashion design, ceramic art, visual communication design, music, and the performing arts.

Quick Facts

Population: 48860500
Capital: Seoul
Per-capita GDP: $ 32100
Size: 99720 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 09:00 hours) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo

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Travel Warning: NO

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