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Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Term To Study: Spring 2018
Application Deadline: Dec 11, 2017
Program Starts: Jan 05, 2018
Program Ends: May 01, 2018
Major 1: Economics
Subject 1:
Major 2: History
Subject 2:
Major 3: Political Science & Government
Subject 3:
Major 4: Computer & Information Technology
Subject 4:
Major 5: Law & Legal Studies
Subject 5:
Major 6: Business Marketing
Subject 6:
Major 7: Business Supply Chain / Logistics
Subject 7:
Major 8: Business Studies - Finance
Subject 8:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Exchange
Link 1: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Link 2: International Student Guide
Link 3: Course List
Program Locations: Madrid
Contact Phone: 563-425-5831
Contact Name: Tricia Lawrenz
Contact Email: educationabroad@uiu.edu
What is not Included: any additional living or program fees, visas, passport fees, traveling expenses, ect.
Estimated Costs: UIU Tuition + room and board fees of the institution you will be visiting

Students have the option of choosing a homestay, a residence hall, or a flat/apartment with other students.
Housing: USD$514 - USD$914 per month (depends on type of housing selected)

Food: USD$796 per month
Program Description

Universidad Pontificia Comillas is located in Madrid, Spain and offers an extensive and solid variety of training programmes in the areas of Management and Business Administration, Law, Human and Social Sciences, Engineering, and International Relations, which are characterised by their quality, international profile, and pronounced social orientation. Courses are available to University and Post-graduate students, Spanish or international students, who wish to gain experience through internationalisation, broadening their areas of knowledge in the courses which are offered.

In an international setting, Comillas offers courses in diverse fields of knowledge aimed at both Spanish and foreign university students. Specialised International Courses include:

Spanish Language Courses
Semester programmes
Tailor-made programmes

Comillas does not have its own accommodation but the Information and Student Reception Office offers students at our University information about different accommodation options in Madrid:

Halls of Residence
Lodging with a family
Renting an apartment
Renting a room in a shared flat with others students
Hostels, hotels near the University

If you want to rent an apartment or a room in a shared flat with other students, you will find a list of flats which is updated every day in the Information and Student Reception Office.

Authorisation to study in Spain is processed by means of the consulate or Spanish diplomatic representation offices in the country of origin.

Community students do not require a visa.

Non-community students require a valid passport and a student visa.

To be granted a visa, it is necessary to comply with the requirements for entrance and residence in Spain, to have been admitted to an officially recognised public or private Spanish teaching centre, to plan to study a course for a period greater than three months with an established schedule and demonstration of the economic means to meet the cost of the study and residence.

Quick Facts

Population: 47042984
Capital: Madrid
Per-capita GDP: $ 31000
Size: 505370 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 01:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

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Travel Warning: NO

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Country Specific Info.

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