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Advisor Information

General Education Abroad Questions

Education Abroad programs range in length, time frame, and credit values. If you are looking for information about the program types, costs, frequently asked questions, and other study abroad questions, please utilize the Education Abroad website pages on the left-hand side.

Exchange/Affiliate Process

Courses are one of the main determining factors when deciding which program would be best for the student. We want to ensure that the student is selecting a program that has courses that will be able to contribute to their degree plan. For this reason, all courses that are options for the student must be pre-approved by Upper Iowa. Their course schedule might alter once abroad, but it is then the student’s responsibility to relay the information and receive additional approvals.

An Academic Approval Form will need to be completed in order for the student’s Education Abroad application to be complete. The student/Coordinator for Education Abroad will email the student’s advisor the international course (with hyperlinks to access descriptions), the UIU course that it is hoped to be equated to, and a suggested credit conversion calculation.

If a course is not in the advisor’s specified area, it should be shared to a faculty member that teaches that area or the departmental Dean. That faculty member can then initial the course that they specifically approved. Once completed, the form must then be signed by the advisor and Dean of the department the student’s major falls under.


Faculty-Led Process

Each faculty-led travel course has been approved by the Curriculum Committee. There are typically 2 courses approved for each program (1 general course, and 1 for a specific area). This opens the program up to a variety of students while maintaining the course integrities. Some of the courses have been specifically developed for a faculty-led program. These can be used as a course substitute within that major, as well as an elective credit for the student. A course substitute can be made through the Registrar’s Office, or on Jenzibar. The student will specify the course that they are enrolling in during the application process for the program.


Contact Information

Office: Student Center – Student Life Suite

Phone: 563-425-5831

Email: educationabroad@uiu.edu


Location of document: G Drive / Staff / Academic Advising Meeting / 2017

* Please check for updates at this location

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